Branded corporate apparel can be a powerful tool for building brand recognition, enhancing team spirit, and creating a professional image. There are many decoration techniques available to make your apparel stand out. Let’s take a closer look at ten top apparel decoration techniques for branded apparel.

Embroidery is a classic and timeless decoration technique that can add sophistication and elegance to any garment. The design is stitched onto the fabric using a needle and thread, making it a durable and long-lasting option. You can also add dimension to embroidery, by adding “puff.” This 3D or “Puff Embroidery” is very popular on hats.

Screen Printing
Screen printing is a versatile decoration technique that can create bold and vibrant designs that really stand out. The design is printed onto the garment using a stencil or screen and ink. The cost of the shirt is determined by how many colors are in the design going onto the shirt.

Heat Transfer
Heat transfer involves using a heat press to transfer a design onto the garment. It’s a good option for designs with multiple colors or fine details.

Direct-to-Garment Printing
Direct-to-garment printing is a newer technology that involves printing the design directly onto the garment using a specialized ink-jet printer. It’s a good option for full-color designs or designs with a lot of detail. Some drawback include only being able to use 100% Cotton Tees.

Appliqué involves sewing a piece of fabric onto the garment to create a design or logo. It can add texture and depth to the design and is a durable and long-lasting option. Think retro college sweatshirts when imagining Applique. It’s a beautiful decoration option, however it can be expensive on low quantity orders.

Laser Etching
Laser etching involves using a laser to create a design on the garment. It’s a precise and long-lasting option that can create intricate designs. You are essentially burning away a layer of the material. Very few decorator use this technique, and it comes out looking like a tone-on-tone graphic, but it’s really unique.

Sublimation Printing
Sublimation printing involves using heat to transfer dye onto the garment. It’s a good option for full-color designs and can create vibrant and detailed designs. You can do full color, all over imprint with sublimation, but the materials have to be 100% poly for the color to hold.

Vinyl Cutting
Vinyl cutting involves cutting a design out of vinyl and then applying it to the garment using a heat press. It’s a good option for simple designs with one or two colors. If you need shirts with names for a sports league, then vinyl is a great option.

Digital Printing
Digital printing involves printing the design onto transfer paper and then using heat to transfer it onto the garment. It’s a good option for full-color designs and can create a soft and comfortable feel. You get the ability of Direct to Garment, but you don’t have to use just 100% Cotton. This expands your options.

Patches are a classic decoration technique that involves sewing or ironing a patch onto the garment. They’re a good option for adding a pop of color or texture to the garment. You can do embroidered, leather, PVC, or applique patches on shirts or hats to give your apparel a unique look and texture.

When choosing an apparel decoration technique for branded apparel, it’s important to consider factors like the type of garment, the desired design, and the intended use of the apparel. Each of these decoration techniques has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to weigh your options carefully before making a decision, or you can call the experts at Action Plus Ideas and one of our talented Account Managers will walk you through all the options and help you decide which decoration technique will work best.