The PGA Championship just finished and what a great show with Michael Blocks storybook placing, even hitting a hole-in-one!

One way for you to hit a hole-in-one for your brand is to co-brand your logo on top retail golf brands like Cutter & Buck, Adidas, and especially Nike!

Just take a moment to appreciate the undeniable allure of Nike. This brand has been top of the retail market since the dawn of time (or at least it feels that way). As a reminder of why Nike is at the top, you may have recently seen the movie “Air.” It has Matt Damon and Be Affleck retelling the story of how Nike landed the greatest sponsorship deal of all time with Michael “Air” Jordan!

The Jordan sponsorship then rolled into hundreds of other sport sponsorships, including golf legend Tiger Woods. This solidified the iconic Nike Swoosh as a symbol of greatness in the PGA as well as basketball.

Now picture this: your logo, proudly displayed on a Nike polo, ¼ Zip or hat, just like Rory McIlroy or Michael Block. The recent sight of those swooshes on the fairway was enough to make golfers and sports fans everywhere tremble with envy. By co-branding on Nike, your brand will capture that high-end feel by association. You’ll be wearing the same as the champions and basking in the glory of excellence, performance, and style that Nike represents. When the swoosh is paired with your logo, your brand gets an instant boost of credibility.

Now is a really good time to co-brand on Nike apparel. Reach out to Action Plus Ideas today to discuss inventory and decoration methods like embroidery and heat press options that will make sense for your company!