They say curiosity killed the cat, and for Schrodinger’s Cat, that may, or may not be the truth. For everyone else, though, curiosity typically isn’t going to kill us, but it is going to get us all excited. We especially get excited when we get a box in the mail, on our front porch, desks, or hand-delivered.

There is a ton of psychology behind the feelings people get when they get to open a package, or even just watch someone else open a box. People have become millionaires solely because they created videos of themselves UNBOXING stuff on YouTube!

This is why kitting has become such an important part of the promotional products industry. Take advantage of those emotions. Tie these feelings of anticipation, excitement, and surprise to your brand campaign messages, and your company’s mission and vision.

To help get you started, here are some of the essentials for a successful kitted project:

  1. A branded box! It lets the audience know who it’s from, or not. Maybe you just put a campaign message to tease them into opening it. Whatever the case, the box itself is very important. It’s the first step to grab their attention and get them involved.
  2. A message. There are several ways to get your message to your audience with a kit. You can print the message on the box on the outside or on the inside. You can add a note that sits on top of everything else. Or if you really want to make an impression, you can add a video to the box and have the video play your personal message as soon as the lid opens.
  3. A cover. Again, there are several ways to cover the contents inside the box, but it’s important to add some type of cover. You can add crinkle-cut paper, tissue paper, or even a slide-out panel. Whatever the case, the cover allows people to pull something away and actually unveil the items, thus increasing the excitement.

After these essentials, what’s inside the box is almost irrelevant. It can be a box, a branded cup, a shirt and pen, some food… the list goes on forever. The key is to build your audience’s excitement and sentiment. Once they finally get to the actual items, your audience will love almost anything. Almost… Schrodinger’s Cat is still a bad idea for a kit. Or maybe it’s not!

We can help make sure! API can help you create the perfect kit for your next company marketing campaign, client gift, employee onboarding kit, or any event! Give us a call today.