You probably saw the NIKE / TIFFANY’S Co-Branding a couple weeks ago! Co-Branding really makes a splash when done right! For smaller companies, co-branding may not be as splashy, but it does have it’s benefits.

If you work in any industry, then you have business partners, and associated business industries. Take for example the Real Estate and Mortgage industries, or Car Sales and Car Insurance.

These related industries are perfect opportunities to co-brand and increase sales or market share, while also sharing the costs. Co-branding is a marketing strategy that involves strategic alliance of multiple brand names jointly used on a single product or service.

With inflation hitting highs, economists talking about recessions, etc. strategic alliances and co-branding marketing campaigns are business savvy ways of expanding your target market and save money at the same time.

Try these co-branding strategies:

  • Co-Brand an entire booth at a trade show! Why take on all of the costs of a trade show when you can partner up. This also allows you to pull in double the audience and show a united front. This also allows you to make strong connections with your business partners and solidify your referral partnerships.
  • Co-Brand apparel! It’s not just related industries, but sometimes you can make a strategic alliance with out of industry partners. This works especially well with charities and schools. Offer to be a sole sponsor for some apparel with the school logo, and your company logo on the sleeve or back neck. They get free apparel and your company gets exposure with the benefit of also being connected to a charitable cause.
  • Co-Brand coaster or glasses! Bars go through so many coasters and glasses. Imagine their line item every year for that cost. Offer to help them out and either take over that cost, or at least share that cost, if they allow you to add your logo to the coasters or glasses. Same with kid’s menus and crayons. Local restaurants and bars are always looking for ways to save money and increase profits, and this will allow you to get your brand in front of potential customers every day.
  • Co-Brand sports memorabilia! Join forces with your local teams and get your logo branded alongside the top teams. Think about paying for a bobblehead of a professional athlete, and add your logo on the base! Or jerseys with your logo and the team logo.

Again, the goal for co-branding is to pool your resources, share costs, and expand audiences for both your company, and your business partners. If you need help coming up with some fun and effective ways to co-brand apparel and promotional products, give Action Plus Ideas a call today.