For centuries, employers have looked for ways to increase productivity and reduce costs. It’s business, right?

How to increase productivity in employees is an age-old question, and one that has been researched and surveyed on a near constant basis. Some of the statistics on what is most important to employees may be surprising.

Based off of research and studies* from FORBES, GALLOP, DELOITTE, and several other sources, only 4% of employees say promotions are the most important part of their work, and only 7% of employees say pay is the most important part.

What is the most important part of employee success, then? Recognition!

In another study, 80% of employees said they would work harder, if they were appreciated more. 29% of employees said they have not been recognized for hard work in over a year, if at all. 92% of employees said they will repeat specific action if given recognition! 69% of employees planning to quit their jobs said they would stay, if they received recognition or rewards.

So, how can you show appreciation and recognition to your employees?

March 3 is EMPLOYEE APPRECIATION DAY! This year, give your employees the recognition they crave with employee gifts! Here are 5 quick options for employee gifts:

  1. Brand Name Products: Giving employees a brand name product like Yeti, Hydro Flask, Nike, etc. You can add your brand to these items as well.
  2. Self-Care items: We did another Blog Post about self-care items, but these are great items to show your employees how much you appreciate them.
  3. Food gifts: Employees love food gifts, and you can do something as easy as chocolates, or you can create custom kits for movie nights, pizza parties, etc. with added branded items.
  4. Vacation gifts: Give your employees some branded swag like beach towels, hiking backpacks, pool floats, and more. Let them know that you want them to have an incredible vacation!
  5. Awards: Give your employees recognition with a high-end crystal, metal, wood, or concrete award that they can show off on their desk or at home.

Action Plus ideas can help you create:

  1. Employee stores where they can login and choose their recognition gift.
  2. Curated employee kits that we will ship to all your employees, remote or in-office.
  3. Custom awards that employees will want to show off.
  4. Quarterly Employee Culture Events.

Call Action Plus Ideas today to discuss Employee Appreciation Day, and how we can help you retain employees through recognition and gifts.

*Employee Recognition Research