We are days away from the first official day of summer, and with that, the beginning of Summer Festival season, including music festivals, food festivals, and brewery festivals.
With summer festivals drawing massive crowds of enthusiastic attendees, it’s a golden opportunity for businesses to make a lasting impression.

Action Plus Ideas’ own Kailey Edwards recently went to the NYC GOV Ball music festival as a special guest of Alphabroder & Gildan brand shirts.

Here are the top 10 branded merch items that she recommends to turn festival goers into walking billboards and raving fans of your brand!

  1. Custom T-Shirts: Nothing says “summer festival” like a killer t-shirt. Design some cool and catchy shirts that festival-goers would love to wear proudly, spreading your brand’s message wherever they go. Make your brand minimal, so people are more likely to wear the shirt after the festival, but still remember the brand that gave it to them.
  2. Branded Sunglasses: Protect those peepers from the blazing sun while rocking your brand logo on some stylish shades. They’re practical, trendy, and a perfect way to make your mark at outdoor events. If you are hosting clients at a VIP booth, Action Plus Ideas can have a Ray-Ban or Oakley fitting event, where each client gets a custom pair of glasses specially fitted for them.
  3. Custom Water Bottles: Staying hydrated is crucial at summer festivals, and why not offer festival attendees some reusable water bottles with your logo? It’s a win-win: they stay refreshed, and you gain exposure every time they take a sip.
  4. Branded Hats or Caps: Shield your head from the scorching sun in style with some branded headwear. Hats and caps are practical, fashionable, and an ideal canvas for showcasing your logo and catching people’s attention. Or, again, make your logo secondary, and make the festival design the primary, so festival goers will keep and wear these hats for years after the event!
  5. Festival Wristbands: These are a must-have for any festival-goer, and they present a fantastic opportunity for brand visibility. Create eye-catching wristbands with your logo, and watch as people sport them throughout the entire event. Silicone wristbands work great, and can have NFC chip in them, for easy access to VIP areas.
  6. Custom Tote Bags: Festivals often involve carrying various essentials, so why not provide festival enthusiasts with branded tote bags? They’re handy, eco-friendly, and will serve as a walking billboard for your brand. Many festivals also have restrictions on CLEAR only bags, giving you a chance to provide an essential product to festival goers.
  7. Phone Accessories: Let’s face it, our phones are practically glued to our hands at festivals. Capitalize on this by offering branded phone accessories like pop sockets, phone wallets, or phone batteries/chargers. Every time someone snaps a pic or checks their social media, your brand will be right there with them.
  8. Cooling Towels: Summer festivals can get pretty hot, and a cooling towel with your logo will be a savior. Festival-goers will appreciate the relief, and your brand will be associated with keeping them cool and comfortable.
  9. First aid kits: Festivals can get crazy, so you have an opportunity to provide branded first aid kits that make your brand the hero! These branded kits can include sunscreen, sanitizer, bug spray, hangover remedies, bandages, and so much more.
  10. Fanny pack/cross body bag: Everything old is new again. What was once called a fanny pack, is now a cross body bag, and it’s worn across the chest, instead of around the waste. But it’s super trendy, easy to brand in full color, and a great item for festival goers looking to keep their personal items close to them.

And there you have it, folks! The top 10 best branded merch items for summer festivals. Action Plus Ideas can help you choose and design all the best merch and make it something people will genuinely enjoy and find useful. API can make your brand shine in the summer sun!