February is a month that many people associate with love, thanks to Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a loved one or you want to promote your business in a fun, romantic way, there are plenty of promotional products that can help you do it. Here are some ideas for February promotional products that are sure to be a hit.

However, time is quickly running out to order Valentine’s Day promo. We recommend getting orders in by Jan. 20, 2023, if you want your items in-hand to send out Feb. 10-14.
Here are 5 quick ideas for Valentine’ Day promo that we can still get to you in time for the holiday:

  1. Customized brownie boxes: What says “I love you” more than a box of brownies? We can send out branded boxes with personalized messages to all of your clients. You can’t go wrong with this sweet treat. We have many different sizes available for any size budget.
  2. Stuffed animal: Branded stuffed animals are a great way to reach your clients and employees by giving a gift that many will keep on their desk or at their homes for several years. It also allows you to connect your brand with younger generations, as many clients and employees will give these promo items to their children, who may keep it as a treasured keepsake.
  3. Picnic kit: We have many different types of picnic kits, including a backpack that can be branded, that also holds all of the plateware, glassware, etc. for a fun/romantic picnic. This is a promotional product that will be held onto and used for years (so great R.O.I.). We recommend sending this one out to influencers who will snap and share pictures of it (and your brand) at exotic locales.
  4. Brand name watches: A great, high-end item to give to clients are brand name watches. We have access to brand names like Bullova, Citizen, and Seiko, and we can add your company logo, as well, offer these items at 1-piece minimums.
  5. Pink Apparel: T-shirts, hoodies and hats are a fun, casual way to promote your business, and they make great gifts as well. Use the holiday to show off your team in social media posts, all wearing special pink or red apparel.

Action Plus Ideas has plenty of lovely Valentine’s Day inspired promotional products and ideas for February marketing campaigns. Contact us today to schedule a Free Creativity Consultation!